Making History in a 150 Year Old School

Today was a first in my school’s 150 year history.  While St. Mark’s has long had Saturday classes, today marked the first “St. Mark’s Saturday” session (NB: for more information on how and why we have rethought the use of time through our schedule revisions, take a look at the recent Head’s Reflection by John Warren).   Over the next three weeks, students and faculty are piloting a modified block schedule Monday through Friday and a stand-alone 2 1/2 h experiential and interdisciplinary-based course on Saturdays.  This new paradigm gives structure to our values as an institution.

As one of the people who advocated for and led the schedule change, I was excited to offer a course.  After much deliberation, I proposed “Myth Busters”.  In a separate blog, I am chronicling the course experience, my approach to teaching in longer class meetings, and the work and process of my students.  I will update ourworktheireducation over the next three weeks as this pilot unfolds.

Watch as we we make history, take risks, and learn a lot in the process!


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