The Hopes, Dreams, and Goals of a New Year


The opening of school is an exciting moment for students and faculty alike.  Collectively, each member of the community – new and returning – comes to the enterprise of a new year with their own hopes, dreams, and goals for the work that lies ahead.  For my part, I have a number of personal and professional goals as relate to this year.

As a teacher…  I am truly excited for the Understanding by Design (UbD) work that we are undertaking to support curriculum development related to our STEM initiative.  I feel I am a purposeful teacher, but going through this process has forced me to reflect on what I am doing, where I am headed, and why I make the choices I do as related to my class.  In a similar light, I am actively working to determine my “value added” to my student’s education.  By administering more pre-tests and thinking carefully about where each student starts, I will better understand where I am making a difference and where I can continue to improve my own work.

As a school leader…  Our school is undertaking a great deal of change in service of creating an optimal academic program and learning environment.  It is hard work, especially since we are challenging some long held beliefs about how we deliver our program.  My goal in this work is to help lead the school through this change in a way that allows great ideas to surface, positive energy to persist, and meaningful institutional change to occur.

As a thinker…  It’s my goal to post at least once every two weeks.  I find blogging incredibly helpful as a tool for reflection, and so this work is more about helping me crystallize my own thinking than it is about racking up followers and statistics.

We’re already off to a great start, I am excited to work hard towards my own goals and I can’t wait to hear what my colleagues and students are hoping and dreaming for this year.


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