Honoring Teachers

For a long time, I have carried the premise of this particular clip from “Cosby” in my head.  I think this may be the only episode that I ever watched, but the fact that it touches on respect accorded to teachers seems to have struck a chord with me.  In this clip, you will see Doug E. Doug‘s character, Griffin Vesey, fantasize about a society that values teachers as much as athletes and actors.

In a small way, I stepped into such a world this weekend while attending a celebration in honor of a colleague’s 35 year contribution to our school’s girls’ crew program.  Hundreds of former rowers returned to honor the coach who first started the program.  In story after story, these women revealed how their lives were changed by this educator and his unflagging belief in their potential and his commitment to their development as rowers and people.  My colleague is not a self-promoter (quite the opposite), and so a celebration such as this is the way in which our society honors the work of educators: students sharing their appreciation.  And what could be more appropriate for someone who has only worked to help each student find the best in him or herself?


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