The Zappa Approach to Innovation?

Zappa Quote

I was meandering around the Twitterverse over break and I happened on the image above, with a great quote attributed to Frank Zappa.  Return readers to this blog will know that I’ve written previously about the need for independent schools to continue to innovate in their programs.

If you are like me, the word “innovation” sometimes conjures up images of sleekly designed pieces of technology, a glassy space, or sleekly designed pieces of technology in a glassy space.  The purpose of innovation should always be to improve outcomes for students and to help faculty members continue to grow in their careers.  However, faced with the vague mountain that has become the concept of “innovation”, it can be difficult to figure out how to ascend.

So maybe Frank is telling us that innovation is possible when we deviate from our normal approach.  Deviation from what we know seems a lot easier than “innovating” from whole cloth.


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