A New Beginning

It seems appropriate to start something new – this blog – at the start of a new school year. Each August, schools regenerate themselves, filling their halls and campuses with new students and new faculty. It is a time of high energy and nearly limitless possibility. I very much hope the spirit of this blog exemplifies those qualities.  But much like a school year, only time will tell how things will unfold.

The title – “Our Work, Their Education” – stems from one of my beliefs that the mindset educators bring to our interactions with students and colleagues makes a positive difference in school climate – and most importantly – in student outcomes. Yes, teaching and working in schools is a job that pays the bills. But it’s more than that. The vast majority of educators I know and have worked with understand the critical nature of their role in helping students develop intellectually, socially, and emotionally. They put in long hours willingly, worry about their students when they are at home, go the extra mile to make a difference, and pursue professional growth opportunities in spare moments. They take their reward as the work itself: the eureka moment, the thank you note, the quiet gesture of appreciation, a student accomplishment, a smile. And this work matters to our students and their future.

So at the beginning of this year, I am committing myself to getting my thoughts to paper…errr…screen on a regular (whatever that means) basis.  I am entering into a brave new world, just as are my colleagues and students.  We are all stretching and growing as we work together in schools, all with the chance to start something new.

Remember:  We don’t wake up and go to work, we go to school. That realization has made all the difference for me.

Have a great year!


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